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Remuna is an artist, award-winning photographer, filmmaker, and passionate advocate for conservation and animal welfare. Her underwater work aims to capture the beauty and fragility of the ocean and the incredible diversity of marine life who inhabit it. Although we are all connected to the ocean, few people truly experience the world beneath the surface or witness the significant impacts we are having on it. Through her photography and film, Remuna hopes to raise awareness and inspire a deeper appreciation and will to protect these critical ecosystems and species. Her favorite subjects are sharks—one of the most misunderstood and threatened species on the planet—and advocating for their conservation by dispelling misconceptions and instilling the same love and fascination she has for them in others. 

Originally from Southern California, Remuna is now based in South Florida with her husband Michael and their two rescue dogs, Luna and Chandra, who they brought back from a dive trip to Mexico




  • Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year

    • Color Print Category Finalist / 2 Images

    • Fish Behavior Category Finalist 

    • Portrait Category Finalist

  • Fine Art Photography Awards

    • Awarded Nature Professional Category / 1 Series​

  • Wildlife Photographer of The Year

    • Animal Portraits Finalist​ / 2 Images


  • World Shootout

    • ​Sharks Category Winner / 1 Series

    • Environmental & Conservation Category Winner / 1 Series

    • Sharks Category Semi-Finalist / 1 Series

    • Environmental & Conservation Category Semi-Finalist / 1 Series

    • Wide Angle Category Semi-Finalist

  • Close Up Photographer of The Year 04

    • Underwater Category 1 Finalist & Top 100

    • Underwater Category 1 Shortlist

  • Ocean Photographer of the Year

    • Female Fifty Fathoms Award Finalist

  • Nature TTL Photographer of The Year

    • Underwater Category Shortlist

    • Animal Behavior Category Shortlist

    • Wild Portraits Category Shortlist

    • Small World Category Shortlist

  • Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year

    • Emerging OG Master Portfolio Finalist

    • Open Water Category Finalist

  • South Florida Underwater Photographic Society

    • Photographer of The Year Top Three Winner

  • Big Picture Photo Contest

    • Underwater Category Shortlist


  • Close Up Photographer of The Year

    • Underwater Category Shortlist

  • Underwater Photographer of The Year

    • Up & Coming Category Winner



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